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The EU has notified a number of children’s clothing

2018-08-09 16:17
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A few days ago, the EU "non-food rapid warning system" issued a report saying that the problem of drawstrings for a variety of children's clothing was prominent, and the problem products have been taken by the notified country to take enforcement measures from the market.
Judging from the feedback from countries such as Iceland, Hungary, Cyprus, etc., most of the origins of these problems are from China. The risk is that the drawstring will cause some kind of injury, such as the neck drawstring will lead to suffocation, trousers. Pulling the rope can cause the child to hook and shackle, and the trousers of the trousers may restrain the activity.
According to the European standard EN14682 "Safety requirements for children's clothing ropes and drawstrings", children's clothing hats, neck drawstrings or drawstrings with free ends of 7 to 14 years old shall not exceed 75mm (7.5cm) in length, hats and neck pumping. The rope must not be elastic, except for the epaulettes and neck straps. The children's clothing that was notified did not meet the standard requirements in terms of the neck of the hat, the trousers, the waist and the waist.
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